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This 2,460ft Slide in the Alps Is Unreal

By: Grant Marek
GIFs via Brice Milleson/YouTube - Chubbies Friday At Five GIFs via Brice Milleson/YouTube

The Oeschinensee Alpine Slide is exactly like the 8ft playground slide you went down as a kid, assuming your 8ft playground slide was A) set up on the side of one of the most majestic mountain ranges in the world, B) 2,452 feet longer, and C) LOOKED LIKE THIS AHHHHHHHHHHH:


Located in the Swiss Cheese Chocolate Watch Bank Army Alps -- just above a mountain lake in the Kandersteg Valley -- this half-mile-long tin behemoth throws you 1,575 feet down the side of a mountain on what's essentially a wheeled cart with a hand brake (AKA suuuuuuper safe).


The slide -- which is one of two dozen plus slides in the Alpine region (the US actually has 22 of these suckers, too) -- opens next month (May 7).


Check out the full alpine slide video here.