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You Can Spend the Night in Luke Skywalker's House

By: Grant Marek
Via Mark Dermul/YouTube - Chubbies Friday At Five Via Mark Dermul/YouTube

While you CAN'T spend the night in a tauntaun carcass on Hoth (laaaaaaaaaame), you CAN totally spend the night in Luke Skywalker's house from Star Wars: A New Hope, which 1) was left in the Tunisian desert after they finished filming, and 2) is actually two houses -- there's the iconic igloo located in the middle of a desert on the west side of central/southern Tunisia near Algeria...


... and the igloo's cavernous interior, which was actually shot clear on the other side of Tunisia at Hotel Sidi Driss, a troglodyte cave dwelling built sometime between 264 and 146 BC and equipped with 20 rooms grouped into four separate caverns.



The hotel will cost you between $17-$28 a night on weekends (depending on if you want breakfast included, or breakfast AND dinner), you'll sleep on cots, and the cave rooms are completely windowless, but GUYS, YOU'RE SLEEPING IN LUKE SKYWALKER'S HOUSE. Also, bonus: there's a restaurant and bar in Sidi Driss's fifth cave. Also double bonus: someone got rid of Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen's charred bodies.



Oh, and most of the decorations from the original film were restored in 2000 for the filming of Attack of the Clones, which means there's important-looking stuff like this everywhere:



The hotel doesn't have a website, but you can call 'em and book at +216 75 240 005.

May the international-dialing be with you.