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Hello, World's Longest Jungle Water Slide

By: Grant Marek
GIFs via Xtreme Waterparks/Travel Channel - Chubbies Friday At Five GIFs via Xtreme Waterparks/Travel Channel

Yeah, so, jungle water slides are a thing.

A gloriously glorious thing in Costa Rica, which happens to be home to the longest / fastest / ohdamnsonest one on the planet -- a 1,525-footer built by the Vandara Hot Springs that took three years to carve into a jungle on the outskirts of the Guanacaste Province's Rincon de la Vieja volcano.

The slide works like this: You get 1) a helmet (wait... why do I get a helmet?), 2) a tiny crappy inter tube, and 3) literally nothing else before THIS happens:


After the water gate opens it's basically like you're at Hurricane Harbor... if Hurricane Harbor had a twisting, turning concrete luge that at one point takes you directly through a tree.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd now I see why I need a helmet:



Oh, and in case you wanna do a jungle water slide crawl, nearby Buena Vista Lodge has a jungle water slide, too. (It's just 200ish feet shorter.)