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This Insane Lantern Festival in the Mojave Desert Will Give You The Feels

By: Grant Marek
Photos and GIFs via RiSE - Chubbies Friday At Five Photos and GIFs via RiSE

Years from now, when you're old and gray and surrounded by your grandchildren, you'll recount to them the time you read about the RiSE Lantern Festival on Friday At Five. And your grandchildren will be all "I had no idea Friday At Five launched in 2016 before it became the undisputed global thought leader in fun-ass times. Cool fact gramps. Also: that festival sounds dope, too."

And that's because it is.

Created by a dude who founded Ragnar Relay and Electric Run, RiSE is inspired by the Chinese Lantern Festival and similarly lets thousands of people float paper lanterns into the sky at the same time, except instead of having to go all the way to China, you can do it in the Mojave Desert in Nevada.



Going down 32 miles east of Las Vegas (VEGAS!!!!!), RiSE will have a shuttle going to and from the Paris Las Vegas (definitely do that), plus on-site parking (nope!), and then once you're there they'll have food for purchase on site, plus Lagunitas (beer!), wine, live music, a late-late-late night fireworks show, oh right, and your lantern, which you'll need a couple people to fire off into the sky along with whatever hopes/dreams/lottery numbers you want to write on it.


Oh, and in case Captain Planet texts you a slanty face emoji because this whole thing sounds like it's not gonna get cleaned up, don't worry! They're going full-on "Leave No Trace" on this mother, which means retrieving 100% of the lanterns, which are all also 100% biodegradable. Yay environment!


This year's festival is scheduled for Oct 7 and 8. Tickets go on sale May 17th, get on their notifications mailing list here.