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Hey, This Is The Weirdest Race in the US

By: Grant Marek
Main image via Burro Days/Facebook; GIFs via Brad Winn/YouTube - Chubbies Friday At Five Main image via Burro Days/Facebook; GIFs via Brad Winn/YouTube

It's called Burro Days.

It's a 29-mile race with a 4,000 meter ascent in Fairplay, Colorado.

And it's the weirdest race in the US because, oh right, you have to complete it WITH A DONKEY.


And before you're all, "psh, riding a donkey 29 miles is mad easy," we should probably tell you that 1) toobadsosad you can't ride the donkey, 2) the donkey has to carry 33lbs worth of prospector essential (pick, shovel, gold pan, etc.), and 3) you're allowed to "push, pull, drag or carry the burro" to the finish line.

You just. Can't. Ride it.


First donkey/dude combo to cross the finish line on Sunday, July 31, 2016 wins $1,000, and the first to the top of the 4,000-meter ascent up Mosquito Pass gets a $200 bonus, and the first person to have a donkey who's all "hahahaha NOPE, I'm not running anywhere" gets laughed at hysterically by everyone.


Oh, also important: It's BYOBurro, but if you hit the race organizers up in advance they might be able to help you track one down. Entry forms and hilarious stubborn donkey pics, right this way.