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Meet Errol Kerr: The Planet's First Pond Skimming World Champ

By: Grant Marek
Photos courtesy of Errol Kerr - Chubbies Friday At Five Photos courtesy of Errol Kerr

Oh, hi.

Didn't expect you to be back so soon.

Can I get you a beer?


AKA Errol Kerr, a non-bobsledding member of Jamaica's 2010 Winter Olympics team who won the first-ever world pond skimming 'ship last month, qualifying with a win at Squaw Valley's Cushing Crossing before claiming the slush shredding crown up in Alberta, Canada.

Kerr dropped by HQ this week to talk about his elite gnar shredding plus why he decided not to do a front flip into the pond on his world title-winning run.

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Friday At Five: Alright so let's talk basics real quick: Pond skimming -- basically, you ski down a mountain and across a slush pond? How do you win?

Errol Kerr: So it's a judged event. You get a certain amount of points for getting all the way across, for your style crossing the pond, and the costume plays into it.

Friday At Five: Best... voting parameters... ever? So you've been doing this a long time?

Errol Kerr: The first time I pond skimmed was at the Squaw event to qualify for the world championships. My pond skimming career is really short -- I've only done two and I've won every one I've entered.

Friday At Five: But you practiced a bunch, right?

Errol Kerr: Well you kinda can't -- places that do it only do it once a year, and they only do it the last weekend the lower mountain is open.

Friday At Five: How the hell did you pull this off then?

Errol Kerr: A lot of skiers think you have to lean really far back, but you don't -- with wake boarding and water skiing, you don't have to land way on your back foot to stay centered -- you don't have to really lean back, I think that's the problem 80-90% of pond skimmers have.

Friday At Five: So that was your strategy going in?

Errol Kerr: My strategy was to do a front flip and land on the pond, but I was the 7th one to go in the competition, and I watched six people go in front of me and no one made it across, so I did a little safety run there, did a few turns that blew everyone's minds.

Friday At Five: What'd you win?

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Errol Kerr: I got a world championship glass trophy -- it's at home on my mantle. Then for the Squaw one, Cushing Crossing, I got two round trip tickets to anywhere Alaska flies, $1,000 cash, a Giro helmet, and some other stuff. Then Powder Magazine flew us up to Canada for the world championships and set us up up there.

Friday At Five: So how'd you end up on the Jamaican Winter Olympics team in 2010?

Errol Kerr: My father is from Jamaica, my mom graduated from Stanford, and she met my dad hitchhiking through Jamaica, lived there for 10 years, then moved the family up to Brooklyn and I was born there. I've always been a dual citizen of both. I grew up alpine racing, then 2007 I switched over to ski cross -- Vancouver was the debut of that in the Olympics, and I represented Jamaica, took 9th place.

Friday At Five: So cool. You gonna do the pond skimming thing again next year?

Errol Kerr: Oh absolutely. I'll be back next year to defend, I've actually gotta start working on my costume now...