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The 8 Best Weapons You Can Possibly Build Out of Beer Cans

By: Grant Marek
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We here at Friday At Five's Innovations in Weekend Partying Workshop are constantly looking for... innovative ways... to party... on the weekend.

Now if you've played Wizard Staff (the classic wherein you and your buddies drink beers, and tape your empties to the bottom of your fresh can until you've got yourself a bonafide drinking staff, tallest staff wins/is the wisest wizard), you know it's a great game. But some weekends, great just doesn't cut it.

Here are eight great-ER-EST-EVER Wizard Staff variations, all with way cooler built-out-of-beer-cans weapons, and exactly the same amount of Gandalf beard action.

1. Wizard Nunchuck

Bonus: If you've got three buddies playing Wizard Staff, Wizard Swords, and Wizard Sais, respectively, you're a couple cannisters of ooze and a large cheese pizza away from having a pretty dope crime fighting group.


2. Wizard Bandelier

Beer fire in the hole!


3. Wizard Nightstick

Alternate names: Wizard Baton, Wizard Truncheon, Wizard Billystick, Wizard Billyclub, and Wizard Remember The Guy From Mortal Kombat Who Had One Of These?


4. Wizard Brass Knuckles

"So you just duct taped two beers to your knuckles?"



5. Wizard Flail Mace

If you're wondering who's gonna win Game Of Thrones -- *spoiler alert* -- it's this guy.


6. Wizard Throwing Knives

"So in this one you're just throwing empty beer cans?"

"You bet your ass we are."


7. Wizard Ninja Stars

Bonus points for mimicking Tater's facial expression.



Mostly because we couldn't get Wizard Cyclops Eyes to work properly.