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Here's How To Recreate American Gladiators' Insane Tennis Ball Cannon Course

By: Grant Marek
via Reny Preussker/Chubbies - Chubbies Friday At Five via Reny Preussker/Chubbies

POP QUIZ: Would you like to recreate American Gladiators' insane tennis ball cannon course?

A) Yes

B) Yes

C) Yes


Trick question, the answer is actually E) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Well, as per usual, we're here to help you make your Gladiator dreams come true. Here's everything you need to recreate the Men's Assault (which we totally know how to do since we did EXACTLY THAT in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park last weekend) plus a GIF of Rainer going HAM before his run that you don't need to recreate Men's Assault but is still pretty great:



1) A Gladiator named THIGHTRO (good name) in a stars and stripes wrestling singlet

Plus his gladiator station, which we built using a 6ft scaffolding setup with a tennis ball launcher (we put ours on a swivel stool for max aim-ability), 100 tennis balls, and a target behind him.

2) Three dope Nerf guns

The bow and arrow one is totally a must.

3) One dope water balloon launcher

Plus a hundo water balloons and a couple pieces of rebar to hold it in place.


4) Four barriers for contestants to hide behind

We built ours out of pool noodles and PVC pipes, but you could also build yours out of... pool noodles and PVC pipes.

5) A slip 'n slide

The way the game works is like so: Each contestant's run is timed -- you go from barrier to barrier and are required to take one shot (and only one shot) with each weapon. If at any point you hit the target behind the gladiator, your time is stopped. If you miss all four shots, you'll need to hit the ol' slip 'n slide at the end of the course -- as soon as you hit the end of that your time is stopped.

American Gladiator-102.jpg

Note: If you get hit by a tennis ball at any time, too bad so sad, you lose and you get no time.

Second Note: If at any time you hit the gladiator with a water balloon or Nerf dart, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, nice work.