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Someone Just Invented a Rideable, Motorized Suitcase

By: Grant Marek
Photos via Modobag - Chubbies Friday At Five Photos via Modobag

Three words: Rideable. Motorized. Suitcase.

Way more than three words: Is now a thing that exists thanks to a frequent flier in Chicago who strapped a 150-watt brushed electric motor to a lightweight aluminum chassis and -- bingo bango strawberry mango -- created the best friggin' suitcase on planet earth:


The 5 dopest things about the Modobag:

1) It can support a 260-pound person. Or 52 five-pound people.

2) It still somehow has 2,000 cubic inches of packing space inside. Which means PLENTY of room for your Stretch Armstrong.

3) It has a top speed of 8mph and can go 6 miles before needing a charge (which only takes an hour).

4) You steer it via a collapsible telescoping handlebar and a thumb action throttle.

5) It has two USB ports so you can charge your phone while you're flying around high-fiving everyone in the airport.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.31.17 PM.png