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Wanna Sleep 1,300ft in the Air on the Side of a Cliff?

By: Grant Marek
Photos courtesy of AirBnb - Chubbies Friday At Five Photos courtesy of AirBnb

If you're looking to take your weekend to new heights, then maybe you should just... I don't know... climb a completely vertical 1,300ft rock face in the Sacred Valley of Peru, and boulder over to three transparent capsules attached to the side of the cliff that you can sleep in?

Too bad that's not something you can actually... wait, WHAT? IT IS?!?!?

It is:



True story, you can book one of these 24ft x 8ft pods made from aerospace aluminum and high-resistance polycarbonate on AirBnb -- an experience that comes with a gourmet dinner, breakfast the next morning (which you can eat on the open-air platform above the capsule), and a bathroom with the best view... ever?


Bonus: you'll get to zip line back down into the valley after breakfast via a 7-line network of zippers the next day. No. Big. Deal. But. Guys. Really. It. Is. Seriously. Look. At. These.


So to recap: insane rock climb to a see-through hotel suite capsule attached to the side of a cliff face that you sleep and eat in before you zip line down into a sacred valley.