Friday At Five - Chubbies Shorts

What's a Tour De Donut?

By: Grant Marek
Courtesy of Tour De Donut - Chubbies Friday At Five Courtesy of Tour De Donut

Gentleladies and Gentlemen, welcome to FAQ Friday where we're going HAMtown on answering any and every question you've definitely got about Tour De Donut, starting with...

Wait, what's Tour De Donut?

Great friggin' question. It's a time trial bike race started in the Midwest in the late '80s with a course that includes a bunch of stops at DONUT SHOPS.

Wait, like, DONUT donut shops?

Yup. DONUT donut shops. The Tour De Donut works like so: every donut you eat at each of the stops gives you a time bonus (usually around 5 minutes) that gets shaved off your final time. So if Rider A finishes the course in 25 minutes and eats three donuts his final time is 10 minutes. If Rider B finishes the course in 45 minutes but eats EIGHT donuts his time is 5 minutes and he wins the race. Boom. Shaka. Laka.


So you get rewarded for eating donuts?


What if I eat 50 donuts and can't finish the bike race?

You lose.


Radical. OK but is this thing only in the Midwest?

Nope. There's one in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Utah, Texas, and California.

Dig it. Alright last question: Do you know where I could get some dope biking shorts?

I do.