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If You're Afraid of Heights DO NOT GO ON THIS HIKE

By: Grant Marek
Main image via Rainer Castillo/Chubbies; Additional images via Grant Marek/Chubbies - Chubbies Friday At Five Main image via Rainer Castillo/Chubbies; Additional images via Grant Marek/Chubbies

If you're a badass who likes to cram every weekend with bucket list radicalness DO GO ON THIS HIKE.

Because this thing tips the ol' bucket list radicalness scales hard. Like, hard hard:


Dubbed Angels Landing, this 5-mile trek through Zion National Park in southwest Utah puts you on a narrow ridge that takes you out to the center of Zion Canyon, 1,500ft above the canyon floor. The views are out of control (see main image exhibit A), but the hike itself is even out of control-er -- when we say narrow ridge we mean NARROW ridge, to the point that they bolt chains to the side of the cliff so you can hang off of them whilst shimmeying on what amounts to a tiny ledge at times.

Six people have died on the climb since 2004, something they put on signs at the beginning of the hike and at the Scout Lookout -- your last opportunity to turn back before the chain portion of the trek.

The hike takes anywhere from 3-5 hours depending 1) on whether you stop to do stuff like this:


Or 2) struggle with the 21 switchbacks affectionately referred to as Walter's Wiggles:


Oh, and pro tip: If you go during the offseason they nix their shuttle service from the visitor's center to all of the trailheads, which actually turns out to be a good thing because you can drive right up to the trailhead and park instead of waiting for the shuttle -- which can take FOREVER during the summer.

Oh, and pro tip #2: Don't go too late during the offseason because snow. And ice. And super duper cold chains.

Snowballs make great unexpected gifts #chubbies

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